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Technical service——Building Blocks
    A collection of series of building blocks ranging from heterocycles to small peptide analogs with molecular weight less than 250 are being developed. The building blocks generally consist of 10 to 100 compounds per scaffold in amount of gram to 100 grams. Most of them are available in 2-10 grams immediately upon request or in larger amount with turn-around time of 4-6 weeks. Customer-designated analogs can also be synthesized upon request depending on the availability of reagents and feasibility of chemistry.

Technical service——Focused Libraries
    Focused libraries of discrete and drug-like small molecules based on literatures are prepared. Up to 20 mg per compound and 200 compounds per scaffold are routinely synthesized with parallel solution phase techniques. The turn-around time is 4-8 weeks depending on the availability of the starting materials.

Technical service——Tool Compounds
    CDS has series of tool compounds for biological studies in current hot research areas. These compounds may be provided in 5 mg, 1 g and 5 g size. And larger quanity may be requested.

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